About Us


Our mission is to be the leading First Nations partner that assists Aboriginal businesses in building and managing their economic growth and wealth creation for the benefit of current and future generations.

For over a decade Brinkman Forest Ltd. has been fortunate enough to work with First Nations communities in northwest British Columbia, forming strong partnerships that create value and spur economic development in the region. Traditionally these partnerships focused on the management of forest resources, which remains the core of what Brinkman Forest Ltd. offers its clients today.

However with the changing resource landscape in British Columbia, our partnerships are also navigating new economic opportunities on traditional territories related to mining and fossil fuels. Should our partnerships choose to engage in these projects we are positioned to maximize both the employment of Aboriginal people and the involvement of First Nations-owned businesses, while implementing innovative approaches to mitigate environmental impacts.

Brinkman Forest Ltd. provides comprehensive, full-service resource management. We recognize that value extends beyond dollars, and we specialize in ensuring that the maximum value is achieved in the most sustainable way. From planning to market, we manage full-rotation forestry for over one million hectares of forest. We are engaged in right-of-way clearing and access and we have expertise in bioenergy and the carbon economy.

Through local employment and training strategies, we offer business development support, empowering new entrepreneurs in remote communities. This enables our partners to derive maximum value from their lands now and for generations to come. The Brinkman Forest Ltd. team is passionate about connecting First Nations peoples with economic opportunities on their traditional lands.

Brinkman Forest Ltd. is grateful to be a part of the learning and discovery that is implicit in shaping an improved economic reality and we look forward to continuing to add value to our existing partnerships and to forging new ones in the future.

About Our History

About Our History .jpgBrinkman & Associates Reforestation Ltd. began in 1970 as a group of friends who won one of the first tree planting contracts in BC, and has grown to become one of the largest reforestation contractors in Canada, having planted over a billion trees, redefining the art and science of forestry along the way.

Planting trees is no longer seen as an investment in the distant future. It's part of the cost of cutting timber today. But thanks to Brinkman best practices and technical innovations of the people working on the Brinkman team, the forests we plant now are healthier — delivering a better-quality yield the next time. Those lessons have traveled a long way.

Brinkman has a long history of partnering with First Nation communites, building relationships based on mutual trust between stewards of the forest. From this natural progression Brinkman Forest Ltd. emerged to become leaders of sustainable growth and development for indigenous communities in BC. From the water in the soil up to the carbon in the canopy, well managed forests make healthy economies. It's a simple idea, but our future depends on it.