Haisla First Nation

Partner Since: 

Brinkman Forest Ltd. has been providing forest management services to Haisla for roughly a decade. This relationship progressed to a partnership with the signing of the Haisla Brinkman Forestry Joint Venture in 2013. Through this joint venture the parties jointly manage all forestry-related activities on the Haisla Nation’s traditional territory, which surrounds Kitimat, BC. The scope of the joint venture includes road building, harvesting and clearing and access work for right-of-ways and major projects.

The Haisla have a great opportunity with forestry. Their traditional lands are home to stands consisting primarily of cedar, spruce, hemlock and balsam. Their location on the Douglas Channel provides them with easy access to both domestic markets in Vancouver and export markets in Asia. Their current forest tenure includes the following licenses:

  • FLTC 75851 – 130,000 m3
  • FLTC A86739 – 164,125 m3
  • Preliminary FNWL K4K – 35,000 m3